We made rainbow cookies this weekend.  They came out well.  The only real way I have to describe it is to say they just tasted “right”.  I used the recipe from foodgeeks.  It’s an evening-to-morning activity, requiring several hours for the cookie layers to set before finishing them off with chocolate.   But it was loads of fun, and made an absolutely huge mess.  A bit of unsolicited advice for the masses – don’t bother buttering parchment or wax paper.  Ever.  They’re both already easy-release materials, so all this does is make it much more difficult to spread the batter, dough, etc over the paper.   This makes the messes bigger.

It was kind of unsettling just how many people up have have never seen/heard of these cookies before, even ones from what I would think to be very near the New York City area.   It’s odd how something can so completely permeate one area, and be totally unknown just an hour or two away.

The white balance on my phone sucks.  Horribly.  But my good camera was in the car all weekend (has been since a recent visit to Mt. Hope), so I must now present you (wait, who?  nobody reads this thing!  ah, nevermind…) with Motorola-flavored cookie photos.  Yum?

This is the layers all stuck together with jam, after sitting to compress overnight and getting the edges trimmed.

Here’s a closeup of the finished cookies.  Phone cameras really stink.

And here’s the whole finished thing.  I really should’ve used the good camera, but they were all gone by the time I got it out of the trunk.