I have a surprise for you tonight, dredged out from the deep dark well of things I don’t normally go around telling people. I sew. In fact, I have for years. And I’m good at it – I don’t just attach buttons. I can make fix tears, hems, repair double buttons, make random accessories…hell, I even embroider (given the time and proper motivation). Doesn’t seem to characteristic, I know. I tend to only appear domestic when I’ve been drinking, baking, or (the usual case) both.

Don’t look so stunned, this should be obvious. People who don’t sew aren’t always allowed to bake (well, at least), though I expect many exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Maybe the appeal to me is a little steampunk, some romantic ideal of repairing or redesigning whatever happens to be on hand. Maybe I’m just cheap. Maybe sewing makes me feel connected to people and things which are, at the moment, very far away. Does it matter?