Fire in the hole – turn off the oven! I had no idea just how high a whipped cream cake could be expected to rise, but man have I learned my lesson. I should have known better, or at least better researched this when I realized it wasn’t specific, but the idea of pound cake with caffeine completely blinded me. With glazed eyes and a bloodstream full of espresso, I may even have added a small tree, had the recipe had suggested it. As luck would have it, my loaf pan was just slightly too small. This resulted in batter everywhere, and a ton of smoke… and I hadn’t even been drinking!

Take two: this time, I had some moral support in the form of Dean, Erica, and black currant cider. Recently back from Saudi, PA, and probably other crazy worldy places I can’t think of, Erica was perfectly willing to help me not make fire. We removed just enough batter to make six cupcakes, in addition to the main cake. Nothing exploded!

Moral of this story? I should never bake sober again. Although, I’m sure I will.