So the air conditioning in my car was not (fully) in need of a recharge. We tried that today, and it just plain didn’t work. On closer inspection, the AC clutch isn’t kicking in, and the under-hood relay isn’t making the same click noise as the one in Dean’s car. A quick switch of the relays and check of the fuses does nothing, which means… wiring troubles? Pay many dollars? Do not pass go and do not collect air conditioning? Go grouch about this to the Internet? All of the above?

Granted, it probably still needed that recharge. It never got all that cold when I first got this car, but at least it used to make a noise like a jet taking off… err… maybe it has bigger problems than I thought. Suddenly, I’m remembering why I wanted to buy a new one this weekend.

I’ve put off buying a car until late August. My sister won’t really need this one until September, and I really should give a bit more thought to how I’m going to do this. I know mostly what I want, just not how to get it, or how to treat it once I’ve got it. For instance, despite all I’ve heard about the need to properly break in even a modern new car, I still have no idea how to actually do it.