JonJohn’s is back!! Just in time too – I was on the verge of becoming a seriously whiny brat. This time, they’ve moved to Shed B of the Public Market, hopefully for good. Lemonade starts next weekend.

In other news, the South Wedge Farmer’s Market is reopening soon, and the Green Grocer’s reincarnation as Mise en Place seems to be doing well. They make yummy non-organic food, stock colorful local stuff (including JohnJon’s neighbor from Shed B, the Pierogi Guy(possibly the only place anywhere making Buffalo Wing Pierogis)) with sane hours (OMG! They stay open past 5PM! Unheard of!) and seem to be more crowded each time we wander in. Wow, that was a lot of parentheses.

All in all, good news and happy stuff. This is the one of very few areas of Rochester to have all the little everyday things within walking distance. I heart my neighborhood.