“So now, I guess… it’s on.”

In the past few weeks, my car isn’t the only one on the block to be messed with, and people have started trying to park a whole car in the two feet between some neighbors’ driveways.  The new problem seems to coincide with a new batch of tenants in a certain less-than-shiny rental unit, which happens to be almost directly across the street from where I left my car the other night. They seem to have been having some spectacular weekly housewarming parties since moving in.  Of course, this is all conjecture – I haven’t met these people, or any of their guests. At this time, I have no grounds or evidence of any sort against anyone.

That said, this is a great little street, and most of the neighbors just don’t put up with this sort of nonsense. Thanks to the city’s nuisance point system, we got a similar group evicted last summer. The system works like this: complaints about a specific property or it’s occupants lead to nuisance points against the property. With 18 of these nuisance points, the city can revoke the property’s Certificate of Occupancy.  Without a C of O, the property cannot be sold or rented out until is has passed an inspection process to gain a new one. A group of tenants will normally be evicted several points shy of 18, so that the landlord doesn’t lose the ability to rent out the property entirely. Funny thing.. right before they left, the last batch of spoiled emo kids threatened my car. Everyone loves coincidence. But that’s not the point.

My point is, keep it up. This isn’t original, and the more of a pest you make of yourself, the sooner we’ll all be rid of you.