In recent weeks, I’ve been fighting a monster – I call her the Bad Planning Monster. How monstrous she is…depends.  Like a bad headache, she rears her green and purple head for a day or two, then retreats, leaving me alone for a generous span of time.  Clearly, I’m not her only victim. Don’t we all have bad planning monsters sometimes?

This week, I think I’ve started winning.  I’ve been sticking to my guns, and not caring so much if everyone involved was utterly thrilled with group plans.  In the past, that’s only led to confusion. I’ve avoided super-rushed longer-distance-than-expected walks, missing events for lack of consensus on time and day, and replacing solid existing plans with convoluted or imaginary ones.  I’ve avoided being carded to use the sidewalk.  I’ve gotten events arranged in time to actually score tickets to them. I’m proud of myself, but I still fail sometimes. We missed the Italian Festival a few weeks ago, and I waited way too long to book tickets to a friends wedding this month. Big screwups, entirely on my part, but all in all, I think I’m doing better.

And, hey at least my screwups are my own. I have no monster to blame this time. There’s something to be said for bloody annoying it is to feel swept off my feet into some mess, instead of knowing simply that I got myself into it all by myself, and will do better next time.