I spent last night experimenting with different kinds of sugar and – what else? – sugar cookies. This stuff is incredible.

As it turns out, politics is a great excuse to make a giant mess, bake a ton of stuff, and not have to eat much of it at all. All the fun with none of the calories? That’s like ten pounds of awesome in a five pound bag. So for the past week and a half or so, I’ve been baking cookies for the RFO volunteers.

After starting the cookie dough, I realized I had nothing to roll it in, as the only colored sugars floating around the house were red and green. I’m not exactly ready for the holiday season just yet, so I skipped off to Wegmans for something a bit less seasonal. Because I’m a teensy bit distractable, I didn’t get yellow, orange, purple, or blue like I was considering on the way out the door. A pretty bag of light tan less-processed organic sugar caught my eye instead, and I decided the extra flavor might be kinda nice.

The organic sugar tasted different enough for me to make a whole new batch using only that. The first batch, using standard white sugar for the dough, was wrapped in extra flavor – which wasn’t shared by the insides. I was much happier with batch #2, with 100% organic sugar. In the end, aside from flavor, the only notable difference was that the organic dough was slightly more moist. The cookies puffed a bit more while they were baking. And of course, there was no big flavor difference beween the inside and outside of the ones that has been rolled in the sugar before baking.