Sometimes, I think the universe is conspiring behind my back. I don’t think it’s for or against me, or anyone really, just around somewhere, and we’re all caught in the middle. For example: The universe really wanted me to make cannolis for a few days… until it didn’t anymore.

A few days before New Year’s…
Dean: “Hey, Wegmans has cannoli shells for $2 a box!”
Me: “Cool!”
They didn’t have large quantities of fresh ricotta, and we didn’t really need it anyway. We left without cannoli shells.

Last Saturday…
Cheese shop: “We’re selling yummy fresh ricotta really really cheap today! Happy Holidays!”
Me and Dean: “Yay! Cannolis!”
We left with lots of cheese. Now we needed those shells after all.

Later that day, we went to Wegmans, to find that the strangest thing had happened – they’d sold out of yummy cheap cannoli shells. Not willing to be beaten, we trekked out to another Wegmans, to find that for some strange reason, everyone else was making cannolis this week too. And there were no more shells left for us. I was getting distressed.

Much, much later, one of us got the bright idea to try the new PriceRite. And we found… pallets and pallets of Italian stuff. Like they’d just taken a crate each of everything Cento had ever made. And cannoli shells.

yummy cannoli

Time from idea to pastry: one week.