Tonight I’m trying to make gluten free rainbow cookies. I’m hopeful, but not, like, super enthused by the results so far. But maybe it’ll work – gluten free batter almost always does something wacky, that’s somehow undone by the time it’s cooked.

So far, the batter hasn’t kept any of the fluffiness from the whipped egg whites. Shaping the layers on cookie sheets is like working with paste or playdough. I’m having a really hard time making them evenly shaped.

12:10 AM: Aaand we’re out of raspberry jam. Drat. Dean is off to the store for me. (Translation: Dean is off saving the day. evening? cookies? something?)

12:20 AM: Wow, this thing is actually kinda working. The cooked up layers actually do feel about right. Yes, one of them is wildly lumpy and asymmetrical, but the small chunks I’ve broken off do taste like they should. Now I just hope they hold up to the rest of the assembly process, like, say, the part where they spend a day in the fridge squished together under a board….. I just need my jam to find out.

12:45 AM: All layers are now stuck together, and under weight in the fridge. They actually held up to being handled better than the usual gluteny baked layers, they’re much less brittle. (Maybe a side benefit of all the added xanthan gum?) I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night if they can keep their consistency and hold together.

7:30 PM: (next day) All done! Taste is normal, but the layers are a bit more crumbly than the usual layers.


Overnight, they didn’t fall apart, but they didn’t really absorb much jam and glue together either. They layers slid more than usual as I cut and handled the individual cookies.


Also, there are sprinkles everywhere in sight, oh god, how did this happen?