I’m flying out to California again this week, and this time, it’s kind of permanent.  I landed a job in downtown San Francisco starting next Monday.  This Monday, I’m kicking my crazy stressful move into gear for real, and making pestering realtors a full-time job for a few days.  Wish me luck, I need it desperately.  I’m absolutely in sticker shock, and I’ll be incredibly lucky if I can just get a dishwasher…

The past few days have been hectic, and full of goodbyes.  We’re trying to make it to all the places we’ve been regulars at for the past few years here in Rochester.  I’m just still so relieved that nobody’s (openly) mad at me, especially at my old office.  So far, the tone has mostly been congratulations and people being happy for us, but it’s still kinda sad.  I’m starting to feel like here just aren’t enough hours for me to get to everything I want before that impending 6am flight out.  Luckily for me, Dean will be in town for an extra two weeks, and can pull the rest of this together.

Today, we made it to some of our favorite vendors at the Public Market, little Aidan’s birthday party, the UPS store to ship some things my baby sister wanted, and I made it to my last haircut with my favorite hairdresser ever.  I did not make it over to the cobbler in time to pick up my resoled boots, Dean will have to pick them up for me and ship them.  (But I wanted my soft slouchy boots for the airport! Waah!!) We didn’t make it to the dairy, or my to favorite sandwich shop for lunch.  (But I wanted to say goodbye to the awesome cheerful lady! Boo!!)  In other words, today had a big dose of time management fail.

It’s not all bad, I did find organic whole wheat pastry flour at the market, and I’m carrying it with me to my new home. I finally sold that 7 year old desk that had been taking up the from room of our apartment.  We unexpectedly made it to the chocolate shop around the corner and picked up some of their newest cool new thing.  We even managed to say goodbye to the owner of the local deli/grocery.  He’s leased out a nearby landmark building, and is refurbishing? restoring? respiffying? the place for a new restaurant.   I’m disappointed I won’t be here next week when they finally opens, but I’ve ordered Dean to take lots of pictures for me.

I’ve never had such a hard time moving before, and I’ve moved a lot.  I’m realizing today that this whole ‘being part of a neighborhood’ thing adds a lot of overhead. But I think it’s been worth it.