Holy crap. I didn’t realize web pages and blogs could get dusty… wait, that’s falling snow for the holidays. And some broken icon images, because you’re looking at a 5+ year old theme. And comments I was too busy to respond to, with likes I never saw.

Life got suddenly really busy not long after my last post. Turns out, it only takes a few months of round the clock work for me to forget a lot of personal routines, and start building new ones in their place. If you’re one of the people I accidentally ignored, I’m sorry.

I still have that bike. But we got a new apartment, and some snazzy hanging bike hooks.  We’ve put up three Christmas trees in this apartment, and I’ve baked a lot of fun stuff. I picked up weightlifting, and had my first official weightlifting meet earlier this month. We both got new jobs, and we’ve made so many new friends. We’ve thrown together some rad Halloween costumes and worn a lot of silly hats. I’ve lost and gained some family, and will be heading up to New York next week to celebrate the holidays early and meet my newest cousin.

I’m not up to discussing politics right now. I don’t deal well with helplessness. If you’re not a volunteer opportunity, just know that I try my best to be a safe space.

But back to that ton of fun stuff I’ve been making – that’s all anyone here is interested in, right? Recipes are coming soon, but for now, here’s a preview. For more, check out my not at all neglected Instagram.