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Making things, taking long breaks, and making more things

Look at all this dust!

Holy crap. I didn't realize web pages and blogs could get dusty... wait, that's falling snow for the holidays. And some broken icon images, because you're looking at a 5+ year old theme. And comments I was too busy to respond... Continue Reading →


I found me a bicycle!

D and I have both been commuting by bicycle for the past few months - some weeks more regularly than others - and as expected, this has finally resulted in new bikes. I had been kind of passively looking for... Continue Reading →

Decisions, decisions

I'm finally playing with the cupcake corer that J picked out for me, and G bought me. Unfortunately, neither of them are in a position to eat two dozen gluteny cupcakes in San Francisco right now. And there's no way... Continue Reading →

Fluffy little clouds

Macaroon class was awesome, highly recommended. Here's what we wound up with, the green ones are mine: And look what I got to take home! Alas, it was too warm for them today, and the filling melted on the way... Continue Reading →

Getting back on the tasty goodness train

I've been meaning to make some cookies for the past three weeks. Things just keep getting in the way. Dumb things, too. I'm tired and there are too many boxes in my kitchen, whine whine whine. Last week, I was... Continue Reading →


Oh my god you guys I have a living room again. And it only took two months! Well, sort of. This is the other Side of the room: Moving is hard. Whine whine whine... 🙂

Weirdest wake up ever

I woke up this morning a few minutes before the alarm, thinking something along the lines of "I'm up, I'm up, what do you want???", really confused to find there was nobody jumping on me or trying to wake me,... Continue Reading →


My car is here! It arrived as the dirtiest car in all of California, so plastered with salt and road grit that you'd never know its supposed to be black. Dean got some video I'll have to pester him for.... Continue Reading →

Due to overwhelming requests:

I am posting my crappy cell phone pictures of my totally unfinished apartment. Don't hold it's state against me, guys. It's just a one bedroom, but it's a nice clean slate - with a garbage disposal! Maybe next week I'll... Continue Reading →

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